The Canvas: Kenny

Name: Kenny Ang Profession: Student Tattoos: Skull and Key a.k.a Loved Lock (Custom Design by Donald Kwek of Donald Tattoo) A7X Syn Skull (Custom Design by Donald Kwek of Donald Tattoo) Wolf (Custom Design by Deborah of Utopia Studios)  

The Canvas: Matthew

Name: Matthew Lai Profession: Designer at K by Kevin Seah Tattoos: Patience, Script (info not avaliable)

The Canvas: Ash

Name: Ashley Tay Profession: Photographer Tattoos: Skull and Rose (Custom Design by Luke Wessman of Wooster Street Social Club NYC) Quis et Deus (Custom Design by Deborah of Utopia Studios) Feather & Filigree Pen (Non-original artwork, done by Adam Paterson of Jersey City Tattoo Company NJ)


The Artist aims at featuring the many artists that grace the sunny shores of Singapore. With short video presentations, studio & artwork photoshoot alongside an in depth Q&A with these artists, we bring you deeper into the world of “The Artist”. The launch date of this section will be announced in due time. Know a tattoo artist … Continue reading


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The Canvas is a collective of photos from the street where we feature normal individuals whose tattoos add a certain “x-factor” into their style. Launching on the 29 of July, this collective will bring you around Singapore, showcasing tattoos from every corner and every profession imaginable. Spotting a tattoo and wanting to be featured in “The … Continue reading