The Canvas: Dominic

Name: Dominic Tan

Profession: Race Engineer

The Canvas: Jonathan

Name: Jonathan Mark Chu

Profession: Mixologist

The Canvas: Tiffany

Name: Tiffany B Profession: Mass Communications Student Tattoos: Pipe, right calf (Marc Johns inspired and done by Eugene of Red Sun Tattoo, Singapore) Script and Swallow, chest (Custom Design by Eugene of Skin Label Tattoo Studio, Singapore)

The Story: Shuk

Name: Hsu Shuk Mun Profession: Account Executive Tattoos: Lotus and Sakura Flowers, left hip-  (Custom Design by Anthony of First Tattoo, Singapore) Shuk, Script – (Custom Design by Dylan of Victoria Tattoos, Melbourne, Australia) This moment, Script, arm – (Custom Design by JP of Acid Crue, Singapore) Infinity, script, rib – (Custom Design by a Korean guest artist … Continue reading

The Canvas: Natasha

Name: Natasha Seow Profession: Design Student Tattoos: Pipe with Infinity Smoke, right hip (Marc Johns inspired, tattooed by Eugene of Red Sun Tattoo, Singapore) Nebula Triangle, right arm (Custom Design by Bradley of oracle Tattoo, Singapore) Rose, left shoulder (Custom Design by Ashley of Primitive Body Art, Queensway, Singapore) Calligraphy Stroke, left arm (Custom Design … Continue reading

The Canvas: Stev.e

Name: Stev.e Kwek Profession: Co-Founder of Fixie Haus Tattoos: Dearly Beloved, Back (Initial design, info not avaliable. Re-shading done by Deon of The Daily Dozen Tattoo Collective, Singapore) Japanese Half Body-Suit (Custom designed and done by Joseph of Visual Orgasm, Singapore)   By, Ash The Tattoo Treasury

The Canvas: Jia

Name: Lo Jia Lin Profession: Banker Tattoos: Gun and Script, right bibs (Custom Design by Dar of Xtremities tattoo, Mississauga, Southern Ontario, Canada) Dove, left shoulder (Custom Design and done by Adam Keys of KeyzInk Tattoo, Mississauga, Southern Ontario, Canada)   By, Ash The Tattoo Treasury

The Canvas: Bryan

Name: Bryan Pang Profession: Student Tattoos: Swallow, Right Chest (Information not avaliable)   By, Ash The Tattoo Treasury