The Story: Shuk

Shuk Lo-Res 134

Shuk Lo-Res 128 Shuk Lo-Res 129 Shuk Lo-Res 130 Shuk Lo-Res 131 Shuk Lo-Res 132

Name: Hsu Shuk Mun

Profession: Account Executive


Lotus and Sakura Flowers, left hip-  (Custom Design by Anthony of First Tattoo, Singapore)

Shuk, Script – (Custom Design by Dylan of Victoria Tattoos, Melbourne, Australia)

This moment, Script, arm – (Custom Design by JP of Acid Crue, Singapore)

Infinity, script, rib – (Custom Design by a Korean guest artist at St Kilda Ink, Melbourne, Australia)

Maze, right hip – (Custom Designed by Shuk and first done by Dylan of Victoria Tattoos, Melbourne, Australia. Touched up by Rothsman Hunter who is currently guest inking in Europe)

The Story:

Why do you have tattoos?

I always wanted to have an ink since I was a kid. When I turned 17, I did my first ink.

Why? I think tattoos are meaningful and priceless.

It’s a memory, and a phase of my life.

How many tattoos do you have?

I have 9 tattoos.

Which is your first tattoo?

The first tattoo i got was my name, Shuk, on my left lower back. I did that when I was much younger and didn’t have much of an idea as to what I wanted actually.

Over the course of time, I have since added another script below, Champagne, which is my dog’s name.

It’s not completed, but one day, it will be finished, hopefully soon!!

Which is your favorite tattoo and why?

I love all my inks.

But my favorite would most likely be my Lotus and Sakura.  Its a journey which took me nearly 5 years or so to complete because i can’t take the pain and these two flowers have very significant meanings to me.

Every colour has a different meaning

I chose a purple Lotus because its gives a mythical and rare feel. As for the Sakura, it was at a point of time when I felt this is going to be a new begining for me, coming back to Singapore for good.

Sadistic as it sounds, Sakura are seasonal flowers. This allows me to remember that good times don’t last forever… It’s seasonal.

What’s the funniest thing someone ever said about any of your tattoo/tattoos?

I wanted a human bone and the artist did a really bad job. My friends said it looked like a dog bone. So I went to cover it up with a Lotus.

What has been the most memorable tattoo experience?

Maybe the infinity tattoo causes I did it with my girl friends together before coming back to Singapore for good.

All my tattoos are meaningful to me, I actually think 6 months (at least) before inking one and I believe in always touching up/ improving my inks after years.



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