The Canvas: Sanjay

Name: Sanjay Suri

Profession: Project manager at an engineering firm

The Canvas: Liwei

Name: Teo Liwei

Profession: Graphic Designer

The Canvas: Eka and Sonia

Name: Sonia Mao and Eka Choong

Profession: Students

The Canvas: Joelle

Name: Joelle Rothman

Professions: Leather Crafter, Co-Founder of Forest Child

The Canvas: Kenneth

Name: Kenneth Loe

Profession: Artist / Writer

The Canvas: Gillian

Name: Gillian Lim

Professions: Project Executive

The Story: skl0

Earlier this month, The Tattoo Treasury caught up with urban artist, Samantha Lo, at her studio and we were a little surprised to discover that, when it comes to tattoos, she is a purist, through and through.