The Story: Jolene Quek

Jolene Quek Lo-res 294

Name: Jolene

Profession: Executive


Jolene Quek Lo-res 292

“Infragilis et Tenera”, script, down the spine (Custom designed by Anthony of First Tattoo, Singapore)

Jolene Quek Lo-res 291

Feather Quill with 21 birds flying out, left lower back (Custom designed by Deon of The Daily Dozen Collective, Singapore)

Jolene Quek Lo-res 293

3 Roses, “La Vie en Rose”, right hipbone (Custom designed by Anthony of First Tattoo, Singapore)

Jolene Quek Lo-res 300

Protègemoi de mes désirs”, script, left inner arm (Custom designed by Deon of The Daily Dozen Collective, Singapore)

The Story:

Why do you have tattoos?

I think tattoos add to a person’s character and personality.

How do you think it adds to your character and personality?

I would say my tattoos serve as a reminder to be true to who I am. &I like the element of surprise it has on people I meet; Because most of my tattoos are on generally concealed areas of my body, people get to know me first, and when they find out I have 4 tattoos on my body, they kinda go “whoa, you don’t come across as someone with tattoos”. In short, I like it that it kinda makes the people I meet think twice before judging someone with tattoos; like “hey, I am not some loud-mouth ah lian right?”

How many tattoos do you have?

4 and counting.

Any ideas for the next tattoo you would want to get at this point in time?

I actually really wanna get my birthdate in roman numerals “III.XII” on my forearm. And getting my family’s Chinese zodiac animals (dragon, rabbit and horse). But I am going to mull over it more before committing to anything 😀

Which is your first tattoo?

“Infragilis et Tenera” which means unbreakable and tender but the placement on spine is an oxymoron.

Basically, it like we have to be firm yet flexible in life but one cannot be too flexible. Because how flexible can the spine be?

Any particular experience that that had led you to getting the “Infragilis et Tenera” tattoo?

Not really, I got it more to inspire myself to be firm yet flexible in life.

Which is your favorite tattoo and why?

I love all my tattoos, but my favourite has got to be my latest one, which is the white ink tattoo of the phrase, “Protègemoi de mes désirs”. I chose white ink because it’s more of a personal tattoo. It doesn’t matter if it is so inconspicuous that no one else except me can see it. The phrase means “Protect me from my desires”; it’s also the title of a track by Placebo.  I am a very weird person; I don’t like it when things are given to me on a silver platter. I like to earn things; I like to go after things that are seemingly unattainable. The harder it is to attain, the more I want it. But then I realize, all these things that I so painstakingly chase and acquire end up breaking my heart the most. So.. That’s the reason behind that and why I love it the most.

What’s the funniest thing someone ever said about any of your tattoo/tattoos?

I don’t think anyone has ever said anything funny about my tattoos, but my Mom did say something funny when she found out about ONE of my tattoos (i.e. the 3 roses). I got it to symbolize the last character of my Chinese name, 薇, which I chose to represent with roses. 3 roses because that’s my favourite number. Anyways, when my Mom found out about it, she asked me what’s so fabulous about tattoos, and I told her it’s actually a representation of my name, and she said, “since you love your name so much, why don’t you just get it tattooed on your forehead?!”

What has been the most memorable tattoo experience?

It has to be my most recent one too. For most of my tattoos, I spent months mulling it over. But for that, I thought of it, 4 days later, walked into Deon’s, secured an appointment for the next day and next thing you know, BAM. New tattoo.



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