The Artist: Luc Yong

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Name: Luc Yong

Profession: Tattoo Artist at Visual Orgasm Studios

The Story:

Since young, Luc always stuck stickers on herself in anticipation of turning legal and getting a real tattoo. Since her first  tattoo, she fell in love with the art and the culture that she became a tattoo artist. The decision wasn’t easy, especially being in Singapore. One and a half years on, she has no regrets and is in love even more with tattoos and being a tattoo artist. Read on for the full story about Luc’s journey thus far.

How long have you been tattooing?

Luc: One and a half years

What inspired you to become a tattoo artist?

Luc: My interest for tattoos started at a really young age and it was something that I really wanted to get when I turned of age. Like for example, as a kid, I would stick stickers all over myself just to make sure I have something on me, and to imagine how it would look like in the future.

What really inspired me was when I was getting my first real tattoo, the way the artist works, really fascinated me. That led me to wanting to learn tattooing and to be a tattoo artist. The decision was not an easy one and took a couple of months before making sure that I really wanted to do this as a career.

How would you then describe yourself as a person and as a tattoo artist?

Luc: As a person I think I am… I think the only point I could think of is open minded because if you want to be in this line, basically any work that comes to you, you have to see it in the perspective of the customer. You have to be able to understand why they want this and not think like “oh this is not cool why is she not doing this, not doing that”. You can’t decide for them, you can only advise them. You have to respect why they want that thing and help them enhance the image that they want to get.

So, how did you start?

Luc: I was a customer here (Visual Orgasm Studio) and I was really amazed by their artwork and I told myself that I needed to learn this. After which I just asked the team whether I could learn from them and they were like ok show us some work like you’ve drawn and we’ll think about it.

Before deciding to become a tattoo artist, did you have prior background in arts and design?

Luc: Not at all basically. I wasn’t a student from an art school. So I had to learn everything from scratch, the fundamentals, techniques and styles.  Even till this day, I am still learning and striving to improve my art to be a better artist.

Is there a particular style of tattooing that you feel you have a particular affinity for?

Luc: Basically, I really like colour realism tattoos. It is something that is really difficult and definitely not for someone at my stage, but it’s something that I look forward to.  In order to reach there, I would have to try some other styles that the colour work is similar with. Old school traditional American would be the closest in my opinion and I would like to do that soon. This is something I have to overcome and learn before I can reach my goal.

For example, how long would one or yourself take to perfect a particular style of tattooing?

Luc: Well, everyone is different in the field of tattooing. With many art styles as well different mediums are factors that would either help or hinder one’s progress. Just like any art, tattooing is really based on an individual’s skill.  For some artist, they pick up really fast because they are just good at it or they are particularly fond of the style. Yeah we have our own pace, every apprentice, and every artist.

So for myself I can’t say how long? But I definitely have something to look forward to.

Ok moving on, is there any particular person or artist that you admire and you look towards, with their artwork and style?

Luc: I really like Den Yakovlev for realism style. He’s a really good artist from Russia and his works are amazing. It’s like really real, 3D and everything that we can see is just like a photograph! As that’s the style that I really want to do, I’m admiring him for that very much, he’s like an inspiration as well. Also, I like Uncle Allan from Denmark who is really good at traditional American style.

For both these people, I would totally love to meet them, learn form them and get tattooed by them!

So far in your time being a tattoo artist, what’s the best compliment someone has ever given you?

Luc: My best compliment would be from an Australian lady that wanted to tattoo her con’s Chinese name onto herself. As a tattoo artist starting out, we work on pieces that are easier that are based on the fundamentals. Thus I took my time to ensure that it was neat and tidy to ensure that I do not tattoo too deep that would hurt her etc. After that session, she was super happy with the work that I had done and was very grateful as her experience with me was the best as compared to the other tattoos that she has done before.

What would be your tip, for someone who is considering their first tattoo?

Luc: Ok, I think that knowing what you want is the most important. It’s your first and many people get it wrong because they don’t know what they want when they were younger and things like that. They get it covered up, so what you need to do is a thorough research on the subject itself that you’re getting and also the artist, the background of the studio for example, do some Google, see what kind of work they do.

With that in mind, how can the customer then choose the right artist to get their tattoo from?

Luc: Basically, the best way is to come down to the shop if it’s in your country to meet the artist personally and see whether you have a vibe with him. Like whether the artist gets what you want and if you have a good understanding of what kind of work he does. He has to know what you want vise versa.

If you can’t, like the artist being based overseas, you could check out his works on his website or through social media. Technology these days has made it very easy to find and artist’s work and samples of what they have done before.



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2 Responses to “The Artist: Luc Yong”
  1. Angie Pearce says:

    We had the pleasure of meeting Luc Yong whilst on holiday in Thailand.

    She is indeed a very talented artist, from spending some time together she learnt many things about us & then drew a very personal piece of artwork depicting this.

    Luc then framed it & sent it to our home in the UK.

    She is very gifted & with her determination she will go far.

    When we meet again Luc will be trusted to carry out my first Tattoo.

    Angie Pearce


  2. Rona says:

    Hi I need a professional tattoo artist for advise. We are Singaporen. I have a girl 15 (sec 3 NA)and have been self cut due to school stress and wanted to be tattoo artist. We have nothing against her passion but how to encourage her with courses but don’t give up her education?

    Thank u for yr compassionate heart .

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