The Artist: Annie Lloyd [NYC Feature]

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Name: Annie Lloyd

Profession: Owner and Tattoo Artist at Get Fat Brooklyn, Brookly, New York

Instagram: @getfatbk

I got to know of Annie through a friend of mine, Joanna. Joanna was looking for a tattoo artist who’s specialisation was in fine line tattoos. After visiting various tattoo parlours and searching through instagram, Joanna came across Annie’s work and immediately her style was exactly what she was looking for.


Annie Lloyd is the owner of Get Fat Brooklyn, Brookly, New York, which she recently opened in August 13′ after spending the last five and a half years at 3 Kings Tattoo. The decision to leave 3 Kings was hard, but the time was right.

“Having my own shop would allow me to concentrate and grow further. It was a very sad decision but it was time for me to be in my own space.”

This also allowed Annie to call the shots for the kind of atmosphere that she wanted her shop to have.

“I also wanted to be able to offer my clients an environment where the tattoo shop is less like a tattoo shop and more like home. To create an experience of comfort and warmth.”

This I would be able to attest for. From the moment I arrived, Marisa, Annie’s finacé greeted me with a great smile and a warm hug (it was a -2 degrees celsius kinda day). Annie then brought me around the shop and made sure I was comfortable, even offering me coffee multiple times throughout my time spent there.

Annie Lloyd Lo Res_ASH_9092

On Getting Started

Annie has been tattooing for 12 years now. With no formal art training and only the passion for drawing, Annie left her hometown of Massachusetts, Boston to pursue her dream. The dream of becoming a tattoo artist after receiving her first tattoo at the age of 18.

“At that time, when I turned 18, tattoos were illegal in Massachusetts. We had to drive to Connecticut just to get tattoos. It was when I got my first tattoo that I really knew I had to do something to become a tattoo artist.”

Annie apprenticed under Stephanie Tamez from years 2002 – 2005.

“My apprenticeship under Stephanie wasn’t exactly structured. At that time, she just moved into New York and was shuffling between her home studio and NY Adorned. But she really took the time and effort to show me the ropes of tattooing. She’s such an amazing and warm person and I am truly thankful towards her eternally.”

Annie Lloyd Lo Res_ASH_9095

On Annie Influences

As we go about our lives, inspiration and influences can come from almost any source. Annie’s response about hers was about her clients being her greatest influence.

“My clients have definitely been my greatest influence. They bring their ideas to me as an outlet for creation, something significant and special for them.”

Most of Annie’s clients visit her because of her tattooing style. Which to me, evokes a nostalgic feeling within. Upon hearing her reply, I immediately understood.

“My style would really be very much illustrated and almost not tattoo like, I like to say that it’s along the lines of old botaincal sketches. I like to do these black & grey fine line meticulous tattoos that others might not want to do because it gives me the most satisfactions.”

Apart from her clients, Annie’s top tattoo influences are Eli Quinters, John Sultana, Thomas Hooper and of course Stephanie Tamez.

“Eli for his old school traditional style (which I was interested at the start of my career), John who has been a constant influence in the works that I like, Thomas for his amazing details and skill and Stephanie for whom I owe my career towards.”

Annie Lloyd Lo Res_ASH_9098

On future plans

When being asked as to what future plans Annie has, she was quick to respond and mentioned that she would love to travel the world.

“I would love to travel to tattoo as I have not done it before, even conventions. I would love to see other artist in other parts of the world. To learn and broden my tattooing horizons.”

However, with her current schedule and bookings, the earliest that she could be travelling would be in a year and a half.

“I’m currently doing booking for the end of summer now, which is August 14′. This doesn’t allow me to travel but it’s worth it. To be able to be booked this long (8 mths) is pretty flattering yet overwhelming at the same time.”

The experience and time spent with Annie was enjoyable, their hospitality greatly appreciated. They even offered to bring me around Williamsburg to their favourite hang out places but sadly, due to my limited time in NYC, I wasn’t able to hang out with them. Should I return to NYC, this would definitely be on my list of things to do. So if any of you are are every heading to NYC and would like to get a tattoo do remember to contact her or alternatively, follow her on instagram to see more of her amazing works.

For now, take care and all the best to Annie and Marisa, i’ll definitely be back to NYC

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