The Artist: Luc Yong

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Since young, Luc always stuck stickers on herself in anticipation of turning legal and getting a real tattoo. Since her first real tattoo, she fell in love with the art and the culture that she became a tattoo artist. The decision wasn’t easy, especially being in Singapore. One and a half years on, she has no regrets and is in love even more with tattoos and being a tattoo artist. Read on for the full story about Luc’s journey thus far.

The Story: Jolene Quek

The Tattoo Treasury recently caught up with Jolene as she shares with us The Story behind her tattoos.

The Canvas: Jena

Name: Jena lee

Profession: Change Management Executive

The Canvas: Liwei

Name: Teo Liwei

Profession: Graphic Designer

The Canvas: Eka and Sonia

Name: Sonia Mao and Eka Choong

Profession: Students

The Canvas: Joelle

Name: Joelle Rothman

Professions: Leather Crafter, Co-Founder of Forest Child

The Canvas: Gillian

Name: Gillian Lim

Professions: Project Executive

The Canvas: Tiffany

Name: Tiffany B Profession: Mass Communications Student Tattoos: Pipe, right calf (Marc Johns inspired and done by Eugene of Red Sun Tattoo, Singapore) Script and Swallow, chest (Custom Design by Eugene of Skin Label Tattoo Studio, Singapore)