The Canvas: Jo Tham

Name: Jo Tham Profession: Photographer at Jo Tham Photography Tattoos: All done by Joel Ang of 8 Volt Tattoo Studio Singapore. By, Ash The Tattoo Treasury

The Artist: Adam Paterson [NYC Feature]

It was Autum 11′ that I first met Adam. I was in NYC to work and was staying in downtown Jersey City. I wanted to get a tattoo and it being my first, I didn’t really know who or where I could get a great tattoo in that area. After doing my due diligence, I … Continue reading

The Canvas: Sanjay

Name: Sanjay Suri

Profession: Project manager at an engineering firm

The Canvas: Stev.e

Name: Stev.e Kwek Profession: Co-Founder of Fixie Haus Tattoos: Dearly Beloved, Back (Initial design, info not avaliable. Re-shading done by Deon of The Daily Dozen Tattoo Collective, Singapore) Japanese Half Body-Suit (Custom designed and done by Joseph of Visual Orgasm, Singapore)   By, Ash The Tattoo Treasury