The Canvas: Jo Tham

Name: Jo Tham Profession: Photographer at Jo Tham Photography Tattoos: All done by Joel Ang of 8 Volt Tattoo Studio Singapore. By, Ash The Tattoo Treasury

The Artist: Carlos Torres

It was 2 days since I got back from NYC that I received a tag on Instagram from a friend telling me that Carlos was in Singapore. For a split second, I thought to myself “Never would would I be able to meet one of the top black and grey realism artist ever.” However, as … Continue reading

The Artist: Luke Wessman [NYC Feature]

Luke Wessman, WSSC, NYink, NYC

What design would you like to get? Were the first words that Luke said to me in the Summer of 2012. I was back in NYC to visit my girlfriend who was doing her internship there. It was 3 days before I was going to leave for home (yes! I usually get my tattoos before … Continue reading

The Canvas: Jeremy

Name: Jeremy Tan Profession: Student Tattoos: Chest Piece (Custom Design by Deon of The Daily Dozen Tattoo Collective, Singapore) Tree with birdhouse, Sidepiece (Custom Design by Deon of The Daily Dozen Tattoo Collective, Singapore) Les Fleurs Du Mal by Marilyn Manson, Sidepiece (Done by Deon of The Daily Dozen Tattoo Collective, Singapore) St Peter’s Cross … Continue reading


The Artist aims at featuring the many artists that grace the sunny shores of Singapore. With short video presentations, studio & artwork photoshoot alongside an in depth Q&A with these artists, we bring you deeper into the world of “The Artist”. The launch date of this section will be announced in due time. Know a tattoo artist … Continue reading


The Canvas is a collective of photos from the street where we feature normal individuals whose tattoos add a certain “x-factor” into their style. Launching on the 29 of July, this collective will bring you around Singapore, showcasing tattoos from every corner and every profession imaginable. Spotting a tattoo and wanting to be featured in “The … Continue reading