The Artist: Luke Wessman [NYC Feature]

Luke Wessman, WSSC, NYink, NYC

What design would you like to get? Were the first words that Luke said to me in the Summer of 2012. I was back in NYC to visit my girlfriend who was doing her internship there. It was 3 days before I was going to leave for home (yes! I usually get my tattoos before … Continue reading

The Artist: Justin Weatherholtz [NYC feature]

Justin Weatherholtz, NYC, Kings Avenue Tattoo

“My greatest influence would have to be the people that helped me to be where I am now. Joe, the shop (Kings Ave) and the things that I experience everyday. The Kings Avenue crew, in particular, has helped me to look and approach tattoos in a way that is more than an art and work. But to embrace the entire culture and to do the best, always.” as Justin reflects on his influences for his works. Read on more to know what Justin shared with The Tattoo Treasury.

The Canvas: Gus

Cris Cleen, tattoos, saved tattoo, old school, brooklyn, nyc

Name: Gus Mahtani

The Canvas: Kurt

Name: Kurt Pereira

Profession: Tattoo Apprentice

The Canvas: Kenny

Name: Kenny Ang Profession: Student Tattoos: Skull and Key a.k.a Loved Lock (Custom Design by Donald Kwek of Donald Tattoo) A7X Syn Skull (Custom Design by Donald Kwek of Donald Tattoo) Wolf (Custom Design by Deborah of Utopia Studios)  

The Canvas: Ash

Name: Ashley Tay Profession: Photographer Tattoos: Skull and Rose (Custom Design by Luke Wessman of Wooster Street Social Club NYC) Quis et Deus (Custom Design by Deborah of Utopia Studios) Feather & Filigree Pen (Non-original artwork, done by Adam Paterson of Jersey City Tattoo Company NJ)