The Canvas: Jo Tham

Name: Jo Tham Profession: Photographer at Jo Tham Photography Tattoos: All done by Joel Ang of 8 Volt Tattoo Studio Singapore. By, Ash The Tattoo Treasury

The Canvas: Gus

Cris Cleen, tattoos, saved tattoo, old school, brooklyn, nyc

Name: Gus Mahtani

The Canvas: Pedro

Name: Pedro Gonçalves

Profession: Lecturer / Graphic Designer

The Canvas: Joelle

Name: Joelle Rothman

Professions: Leather Crafter, Co-Founder of Forest Child


The Canvas is a collective of photos from the street where we feature normal individuals whose tattoos add a certain “x-factor” into their style. Launching on the 29 of July, this collective will bring you around Singapore, showcasing tattoos from every corner and every profession imaginable. Spotting a tattoo and wanting to be featured in “The … Continue reading